19 June

How to dye your hair rose gold - La Riche Directions Pink Flamingo / vegan cruelty-free

Rose Gold Hair - La Riche Directions Pink Flamingo

  I really like dyeing my hair in different colors, but most of the time I'm going back to rose gold. This color is quite delicate and natural. Pink reflex is very cool for blonde hair.
Today I will show you how I got a rose gold shade on my hair.

La Riche Directions Pink Flamingo


  To dye my hair I used a semi-permament La Riche Directions toner in Pink Flamingo which is cruelty free and vegan. This toner is a strong fuchsia color, but don’t be scared, I will dilute it with a conditioner to get a lighter shade of pink.
The toner should be applied to damp hair previously washed with shampoo. And most importantly make the day before an allergy test.

La Riche Directions Pink Flamingo

  If you have dark hair the color won’t be visible. You'll get the best results on bleached hair, but on natural blondes the effect will also be good.
On my medium blonde I used 2 teaspoons of toner and a large portion of alterra mask. (It is good to use a conditioner / mask without silicones to dilute the toner). And to dye the lighter parts of my hair I used the same mixture, but I added more mask to it.
  If you have lighter hair, you can first mix the conditioner with 1 teaspoon of toner on one streak and see if you like this color or if you want a stronger one and then add more toner.

Rose Gold Hair - La Riche Directions Pink Flamingo

  I kept the toner on my hair for 30min, if you want the effect to last longer you can put on a dyed hair cap and towel.
  On my hair the toner lasts for about 2 weeks. But how quickly it will wash away depends on whether you have healthy hair (on the damaged can stay longer) and how often you wash them and what shampoo do you use. If you use delicate shampoos, the effect should last longer.

The price for toner is 4.5£ for 88ml.

Have you ever had an "unusual" color on your hair?

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