08 June

Green living - Ecological organizations

Green Living - Ecological Organizations

   I know that you can get lost in which ecological organization does what. in today's post I will introduce you to some of the more-known organizations dealing with environmental protection in Poland and in the world.


Oraganization founded in 1971, by activists opposed to the nuclear test run by the US government in Alaska. The essence of this organization is to draw the attention of humanity to the cases of destroying the earth as well as to indicate the respondents responsible for this state of affairs. They have offices located in 40 countries around the world, they have been operating in Poland since 2004, they have their headquarters in Warsaw. Their motto is - "When the last tree is the vole, the last river will be poisoned and the last fish will die, we will discover that you can not eat money ...".

Nature Conservancy  

Established in 1951, currently operate in 72 countries including all states in the US. They deal with global problems related to land, water, climate, oceans and cities. They deal with over 100 projects related to the protection of the marine environment. It is the largest non-governmental organization of this type in the world.

Peta (Ethical Treatment of Animals)  

Founded in 1980, it is a non-profit organization, its core activity is to fight for animal rights. They work through education, advertising, protests and pickets.

Rainforest Aliance 

They were founded in 1987, another non-governmental organization in the ranking. Working to preserve biodiversity and ensure that land use practices, landforms, business practices, and consumer behavior are maintained through land use. They are based in New York and offices in North and South America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

World Society for the Protection of Animals  

A non-profit organization founded in 1981, aimed at improving the living conditions of animals. They have thirteen offices, including In the US, Canada, Autrali, Germany, the Netherlands, etc. According to the organization, their goal is "a world where animal welfare matters, and their suffering ends with the WSPA mission to build a united, global animal movement."

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) 

A non-governmental organization was founded in 1961. The goal is to stop the destruction of the natural environment by creating a future in which the human being lives in harmony with nature.

I will also mention a few Polish organizations, so:

Otwarte klatki 

Founded in 2012, it was created to change the fate of farm animals. The organization is seeking better protection for animals being closed on farms, and raising consumers' awareness of how they really live.

Klub Gaia

Founded in 1989, it is involved in the protection of the natural environment and the protection of domestic animals in Poland. The most important activities include the "Teraz Wisła" programs to protect the natural state of the largest Polish river, and the "Animal is not a thing" campaign in the whole of Poland.
On the 25th of November they established the Day without Fur, and on 22 May they established the Day of the Laws of the Living. Their education programs are based on local activity, especially towards children and young people.

Liga Ochrona Przyrody Stowarzyszenie Obrońców Zwierzą "ARKA" 

Founded in 1999, it is a group of volunteers who are trying to help animals that are injured, sleepless, ill-treated. It relies on the work of all members of this organization to pursue the goal. Their goal is to humane treatment of pets, to refuse all forms of cruelty, and to protect the natural environment.

For now it's enough :) Do you know any other organizations dealing with ecology and animal protection? ;)


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