14 June

Does the fitness band really help in a healthy lifestyle? Jawbone Move Up Review

Jawbone Move Up Review

   Fitness bands are very popular, but are we needed them to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

   In my opinion, yes!

  Since last year I have a Jawbone move up and I am very happy with it.
I always thought that I eat healthy and I have enough active lifestyle. I didn't think about buying a fitness band. But in last year I had a lot of sleep problems. I was still tired and distracted by it. I tried different ways to deal with it, but nothing had any major effect. I read a lot of positive reviews about fitness bands and I decided to buy a band with sleep monitor.

  It took me a lot of time to choose a fitness band, I was discouraged by their frequent loading. Finally, I found Jawbone Move Up - a battery-powered band. The manufacturer ensures that one battery should last for 3 to 6 months. My band disappeared after 3 months of daily use.

  Jawbone Move Up doesn’t have a traditional display, the number of steps, or an hour show us red diodes, and the blue ones shows the time of sleep.
The fitness band includes sleep monitoring, counting steps, calories burned during exercise, and a smart trainer who gives us advice and evaluates meals when we connect our band with app myfitnesspal.
Jawbone Move Up Review

  Jawbone Move Up has several color options to choose from, and I think everyone will find something for them.
The band can be worn on your wirst or pinned to your clothes. However, I recommend to wear it on the wirst, because it counts steps more precisely.
We have a choice of two strip thicknesses, I chose the thinner one. If we need a new belt we can buy it separately for $ 15.
At first the strap was quite tight, for months of use slightly stretched, but never fell off my hand.

  Thanks to Jawbone Move Up I learned that my lifestyle is not so healthy.
I don't eat sweets or unhealthy food however it turned out that all my meals were rated very low. Thanks to the band I eat a lot less sugar, and after three months my meals are rated at 8.5 / 10.
I also learned that walking with a dog every day I walk about 10,000 steps.
Sleep monitoring is also good. I've noticed how many hours I have to sleep in order to sleep.
The only downside is that Jawbone Move Up is not waterproof.
However, it makes up for its price.
  I think this fitness band is a cool gadget for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Thanks to Jawbone Move Up we can learn a lot about ourselves and make the right habits.
By a healthy diet and a good amount of sleep we can feel as new born.

And you have a fitness band? Maybe you are planning to buy?

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