04 June

10 Vegan Beauty Products For Less Than 5 € #1

10 vegan beauty products for less than 5€

Who doesn’t like good cosmetics?
Especially when they are affordable.
We have a lot of good and affordable cosmetics so we want to share our opinion about them with you.
In today's post we have prepared short reviews of cosmetics for women and men, which cost less than 4€

Joanna Naturia pear scrub for body washing

Dorota: Pear peeling from Joanna has a beautiful fruity, sweet sent.
The small particles peel well, and the skin after using it is much smoother.
The packaging has 100ml of product and will be great for trips.

Price: 1,13 € / 100ml

Alterra, shower cream, Bio Orange and Vanilla Bio

Dorota: Alterra shower cream has a natural, delicate composition and a wonderful sweet aroma.
By the creamy texture after washing the skin is hydrated.
However, not everyone will like this formula because it is not very foamy.

Price: 1,79 € / 250ml

Ziaja, Yego, antiperspirant for men

Patryk: The antiperspirant has a male aroma, doesn’t irritate the skin, lasts a long time and does its job.

Price: 1,68 € / 50ml

Isana, deodorant cream

Dorota: Deodorant has a nice, delicate scent. It doesn't irritate and dry the skin under the arms.
After application, it's better to wait a while before you put on clothes, because it sometimes leaves white marks.
It's good for every day use, but if you go to the gym it's not for you.

Price: 0,99 € / 50ml

Ziaja, Antioxidation, Acai berries, toner with hyaluronic acid

Dorota: I use this toner in my daily care and spray my face after doing makeup. After using it the skin beautiful and healthily illuminated.
The manufacturer recommends to apply the product to a cotton pad, but I do not see the point if the tonic has a spray applicator.
It has a nice fresh smell, and the spray doesn't stutter and produces a good mist.
The tonic is very efficient, I have it for two months and used only 1/3 of the packaging.

Patryk: It moisturizes the skin, it is quick to use and has a pleasant smell.

Price: 1,89 € / 200ml

Rival de Loop, Hydro Booster, moisturizing eye gel, in the ball

Dorota: I use this gel every morning. It has a built-in metal ball that awakens the skin under the eyes well. The gel absorbs quickly and works great under makeup. It moisturizes the eye area properly, but if you have very dry skin, I recommend buying a nourishing cream for the night.

Patryk: I also use it every morning. The built-in metal ball pleasantly cools and refreshes the skin.

Price: 1,99 € / 15ml

Sunozon, protective spray for hair

Dorota: This spray protects our hair from the bad effects of the sun.
He has a good applicator that doesn't stutter and gets stuck.
It is better not to overdo it with its quantity, because it has castor oil and may burden your hair.
It is definitely useful for sunny weather!

Price: 3,99 € / 150ml

Isana, hair styling mousse, Power Ultra

Dorota: I used a lot of hair mousses and none of them kept my curls like that.
In addition, it does not cling to the hair like some foam.

Price: 0,69 € / 150ml

Catrice, longlasting lip pencil

Dorota: My liner is in shade 080 That's What Rose Wood Do!
It's beautiful, natural dirty rose shade.
The liner is very creamy and stays on the lips for a long time. I think it can get used up quite quickly, but at a price it certainly pays to take a look at it.

Price: 1,95 €

Here is the swatch of Catrice lip liner 080 That's What Rose Wood Do!

What are your favorite affordable cosmetics?



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